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Do you cancel tours due to bad weather?

Heroes Tour runs everyday rain or shine. Sometimes, in case of public events, independent from our will, we can adapt the meeting point or slightly change the program. That’s another good reason to have a booking so you can get informed beforehand.

How long does it last?

Heroes Tour lasts around 3h/3h30, with a last stop( depending on days), in a top bar/cultural space/restaurant in Bogota’s center, where you can hang out for a while if you wish so.

Free tour, free walking tour .. Does it means it’s for free?

Yes, this walking tour is tips-based. You are free to decide how much you value it and how much you want to support us.

No, this walking tour is not for free, it doesn’t cost 0$. Better said, if you choose to come, you don’t cost 0$. We are 100% self-funded. At each tour, we give away a lot, time, energy, food for free (so, additional costs). We put so much effort to curate the best stops, the best stories and the best guides to provide the best possible experience.

We hope you will value it accordingly. We recommend a standard minimum tips of 30.000 COP

What should I bring?

  • Your smile ?
  • Lots of questions, we love questions
  • A bottle of water
  • A raincoat or an umbrella if needed
  • Money, you might wanna stop on the way to get a coffee or a snack and tips us 🙂

Is it safe?

Yes, it is. Nothing never happened. However, like in any part of the world, we always recommend basic safety recommendations and be careful of pickpockets.

Do we go inside any of the museums/sites during free tours?

Punctually, there can be exceptions but we don’t go inside museums. There is a lot of ground to cover, lots of stories to share and things too experience, it would take too long. We only walk by museums and share some tips.

That said, in private tours, we can guide you in museums, and help you understand better. Just mentionned in your private toru request the museum(s) you’re interested in.


I didn’t receive any confirmation email in my mailbox

The first question is : did you land on a confirmation page after having completed your booking?

If so, your booking went through. Otherwise, please try again filling up all fields.

If your booking went through, please check out your spam box, and if you can still find anything, book again a space, being more careful about typos in the email address you’re typing common typos are: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],…) or contact us using the contact form.

Sometimes, german email providers like have a stricter email blocking system. In this case, please try to use an international email providers (hotmail, gmail, outlook, etc…)

My preferred date is not available in the agenda?

If you can’t  find your preferred or require date to book a space in our free walking tour, maybe all spaces are booked, or for a very exceptional reason, we are not running any tour that day. You can try to contact us and book a private tour then.

Ofrecen tours gratis en español?

Heroes Tour in Spanish/French & other languages

Heroes tour is available as well in Spanish, French and other languages. You can book your walking tour in other languages

Heroes Tour in other languages


I haven’t found what I was looking for among the tours advertised on your site.  What can I do?

Heroes Tour: why this name?

Bogota & Colombia both suffer terrible reputation. Why should a villain still be the most infamous citizen of Colombia? It’s part of history but still, are there any other Heroes worth being remembered? Speaking of reputation, have we always had a bad reputation? What’s the FARC conflict was really about? What’s the peace process? What are uncommon truths?

Why the point of this required booking system?

Haha! Maybe if you’re reading this, you are not satisfied with booking in advance.  But we made the booking really fast (20 seconds) and we are convinced its in your best interests:

  • We limit spaces for a better user experience (we never walk in groups bigger than 20).
  • With a calendar, you can get information when spaces are available.
  • And we have a way to get in touch with you, if needed, in case of last minute adjustment (for instance, if the meeting point changes in case of a major public events having place at the same time).


Can I book a large group for this tour?

Is this walking tour suitable for babies and children?

I am not an avid walker or comfortable with the idea of walking in altitude?

I am a solo traveler in Bogota?

Don’t be shy about coming alone. You’ll have great time with us, learn a lot as tours are insanely informative. Doing shared activities is one of the best opportunity to meet other travelers as well.

I’ve already done tours in Bogota. Is Heroes Tour worth doing?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: In a free tour, you have nothing to loose trying. Second, Heroes Tour is insanely informative, with a pretty much different content, experience and route. So you won’t feel like doing twice the same things. Lots of – travelers told us they wished they had done Heroes Tour before.

With the overall political context we provide, you’ll enjoy even more culture (and understand better graffitis or Botero’s artwork, etc…), be more vigilant about urban legends/clichés, etc…In the end, we make your travel experience easier

No more questions about free tours?

Sometimes, the best answer to questions are actions :). Seats are limited.


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I haven’t found what I was looking for among the tours advertised on your site.  What can I do?

How far in advance do I have to book a private tour?

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